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Grilling with Olive Oil

While the official start of summer isn’t until June 20, for many of us Memorial Day weekend is a common indicator that summer is in full swing. The weather is warm and the sunshine is bright which means our minds have shifted to outdoor cooking.

One of our favorite things to enjoy this time of year is grilling and so we thought we’d highlight how to use our wide selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars on the grill by answering questions, offering tips and tricks, and highlighting our favorite recipes.

Is It Safe to Grill with Olive Oil?

It is absolutely safe to grill with ultra-premium olive oils from D’Olivo. Just as it is with any other oils you might be considering. Olive oils have an extremely high smoke point which means that they can be heated to extremely high temperatures before beginning to smoke. As we’ve highlighted before, olive oil is actually a perfect oil for cooking at high temperatures because it maintains all of its health benefits, even when heated.

Tips and Tricks for Grilling

Marinate Before Grilling – one of the best ways to actually use olive oil on the grill is to marinate your vegetables and meats in olive oil before tossing them on the grill. There are hundreds of delicious combinations that you can make from our selection of UP olive oils and balsamic vinegars and any of them will be the perfect addition to your summer recipe lineup.

Use a Spray Bottle – another great way to make use of our oils and vinegars is by adding them to a spray bottle before you start grilling. Rather than drizzle oil directly onto the flames or coals of the grill, try misting them several times while cooking them on the grill. One benefit is that this method with help you get an awesome glaze on your meats.

Coat Them and Wrap in Foil – if you’re not a fan of marinating or misting your grilled items, then we’d suggest placing everything onto a piece of aluminum foil, drizzling the olive oil over the top and wrapping the aluminum foil up and tossing the entire thing onto the grill. This technique won’t work well for meats, but it’s a great solution for vegetables.

Finishing Sauce – If none of these options works for your style of cooking then you can also finish your grilled meats and vegetables off by drizzling your favorite combination of oil and vinegar over the top after they come off the grill and before you place them on the table for guests to enjoy.

Great Grill Recipes

Now you’re ready for the BBQ, but you’re lacking inspiration on what to cook? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Skewers/Kabobs – Meat and vegetables skewers or kabobs are a perfect dish for the grill and extremely popular during the hot summer months. You can easily marinate the vegetables and meat ahead of time to ensure the flavors really soak in. Pair any of your favorite D’Olivo combinations or try these Chicken Kabobs or Walnut Pesto Shrimp Skewers.

Meat – This is probably the most commonly grilled item in most backyards and can be a simple option to make last minute using whatever you’ve got in the fridge. However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean the flavors won’t still wow your friends and family. If you’re more of a planner try out this Grilled Halibut or this Pomegranate Balsamic Ribeye.

Pizza – grilling pizza isn’t anything new, but if you’ve never tried it then we highly recommend breaking away from the oven inside and opting to give this Grilled Pizza a try.

Fajitas – another typically indoor based meal is fajitas, but honestly, adding that fresh grill flavor to the meat and vegetables is going to take the dish to the next level. Try this recipe for Steak Fajitas if you don’t believe us.

Vegetables – Take your favorite combinations of vegetables and toss them onto the grill. Either drizzle them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and place onto aluminum foil or marinate them ahead of time and toss directly onto the grill. Either way they’re going to be delicious.


Get out and enjoy this time of year by experimenting with lots of different flavors and recipes on the grill. If you need help picking out the perfect combinations of olive oils and vinegars stop into our downtown store and let our expert staff members walk you through a full tasting.

We’re open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Friday-Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Olive Oil Recipes for Warm Weather

Spring has officially sprung and as the days get longer and the warm, sunny days become more regular, we can’t help but dream of all the beautiful summer days that lie ahead. While we believe that olive oil makes the perfect addition to any dish all year long, there’s something special about cooking with it during the warm months ahead.

To help you get inspired for the summer meals you’ve got ahead we decided to highlight some of our favorite ways to use our oils and vinegars during the warm months of the year.

French Fries

A classic side dish that everyone loves are usually best paired with hamburgers, but we think they can be a great addition to any outdoor meal. Typical deep fried in a vegetable or canola oil, you can also fry these in a high quality olive oil instead. After they’re fried we recommend using some of our truffle salt to create your own truffle fries. Trust us – they’ll be a hit!


This classic Mediterranean dish makes a wonderful appetizer. Pair it with fresh vegetables or slightly toasted pita bread. While most hummus recipes call for regular olive oil, we’d recommend adding a little flair by using one of our flavored varieties. If you’re in search of a great hummus recipe give this one featuring our Herbes de Provence olive oil a try.

Ramen Noodle Salad

Summer and salads go hand in hand. While you can take any salad and drizzle it with olive oil and balsamic to create an explosion of flavor in your mouth, we highly recommend mixing up your go-to salads with this ramen noodle version. It’s light enough for warm afternoons and evenings. Find the recipe here.

Radish Salad

We’ll continue the salad theme and encourage you to try a salad that really highlights one of our favorite vegetables – the radish. Take 2 cups of radishes (sliced), red onion (sliced), one cucumber and combine in a bowl with ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon white sugar and enjoy.


There are dozens of ways you can make the perfect kebab – from vegetable only options to those that feature steak and chicken you can’t go wrong. Marinate the meat and vegetables using any pairing of our olive oil and vinegars, toss them on the grill and serve them up.


Spaghetti is always a crowd pleaser and if you’re looking for an option that might not feel as heavy as a traditional sauce, we recommend topping yours with some olive oil. Add in some sliced cherry tomatoes, basil, and walnuts for crunch to make it a gourmet dish.


Yogurt paired with fresh fruit and granola is a delicious way to start out any summer day. If you want a truly healthy option try making your own granola by using some of our favorite olive oils. First up you can try this Golden Amaretto Granola or go the fruitier route with this Mandarin Fused Olive Oil Granola.


Dessert is always a great option and choosing a chocolate fondue allows you to showcase any of your favorite summer fruits. At your next summer gathering try using this blood orange dark chocolate fondue recipe for your family and friends.


No matter what your plans are this spring and summer we hope you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and start cooking. At D’Olivo we have over 30 olive oils to choose from and each of them pairs beautifully with our selection of high-quality balsamic vinegars.

Stop in to see us at 10 E Main Street in Walla Walla to experience a complete olive oil tasting. We’re open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Baking With Olive Oil

We get asked a lot in the store to share recipes and cooking tips to those who are purchasing from our great lineup of ultra premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars. While we’ve got a great list for you to check out online here there are also lots of ways that you can incorporate olive oil into your cooking without a specific recipe.

While many might not know this, you can substitute olive oil for a variety of other baking and cooking fats. We explore those here and even include a nice conversion chart for those of you who are ready to take that leap.


Lots of recipes today in baking call for one of these two ingredients. While these have their place as a cooking and baking fat, if you want to opt for something healthier then olive oil is a great choice.

You might be thinking – what do I do if I have to cream the butter with something else? Many recipes for cookies or light and airy cakes call for this technique. Even with olive oil you can make it work.

Below is a great chart on the substitutions you would use for typical measurements. If you don’t see your conversion here then please do this at a ratio of 3 parts olive oil for 4 parts butter.

1 teaspoon = ¾ teaspoon
1 tablespoon = 2 ¼ teaspoons
2 tablespoons = 1 ½ tablespoons
½ cup = 3 tablespoons
1/3 cup = ¼ cup
½ cup = ¼ cup + 2 tablespoons
2/3 cup = ½ cup
¾ cup = ½ cup + 1 tablespoon
1 cup = ¾ cup

Canola/Vegetable Oil

This type of swap in your recipes would be very easy as the exchange is a simple one-to-one ratio. In addition to being good for your health, the richness of a good quality olive oil is only going to enhance the delicious flavors in a chocolate brownie or cake recipe.

Why Make A Switch

We’ve talked a lot about the health benefits of olive oil and it’s becoming a popular topic that you’ll see in the news on occasion. Changing out one of the fats in a recipe for a healthier option can have an impact on your overall health.

Olive oil has been proven to have a high concentration of antioxidants and can help with inflammation. Check out our article on the 5 Proven Health Benefits of Olive Oil to read more about this topic.


Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen and experiment by incorporating a new and healthy fat into your baking. Our recommendation (as it always is) is that you use a high quality, not overly processed olive oil, much like the ones we carry at D’Olivo. The robustness of the flavors you find in these as well as the health benefits will enhance whatever you’re cooking.