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Take a holistic
approach to your health

We believe that we work to live, and with this belief it is our goal to create and operate a business that is enjoyable for the owners, the employees and our consumers. We will strive to do this by implementing a trusting work environment, establish a personal connection with our consumers and make necessary adjustments in all aspects to achieve our mission.

D’Olivo Ultra Premium Olive Oil

As the exclusive carrier of Veronica Foods olive oil, we proudly carry over 24 different flavor varieties for you to choose from, creating endless culinary possibilities in the kitchen! From the finest conventional olive oils to organic and fused whole fruit citrus oils, our mill has formed exclusive relationships with small operation international growers, allowing us to bring rare selections to the United States for the very first time. Shop our diverse range of olive oils online or visit us to receive personalized from our professional, certified staff.


Try New Flavors Year Round

Join the D’Olivo club to experience unique flavor varieties that are hand picked by our expert staff year round. It’s the best way to experience and enjoy the range of olive oils we carry.

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Extra virgin olive oils are well known for their various beneficial properties. Learn more about the different ways our extra virgin olive oils can help you create a healthier lifestyle.

Rejuvenate Your Hair & Skin

Outside of using our olive oils to create delicious cuisines, they also have therapeutic properties for your skin and hair. Check out our exclusive line of hair and skin products now.


Try new flavors year round, lead a healthier lifestyle, rejuvenate your hair and skin

What’s New In Walla Walla

Huge selection of Sparkles! Champagne from France, Sparkling Wine from USA, Cava from Spain, and Prosseco from Italy. Selections in the cooler as well. Come check it out today.