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Fun and Creative Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil is well known for its many and varied health benefits, however olive oil is extremely versatile and has many other uses around your house. Here’s a quick list of some additional ways to utilize your olive oil.

Makeup Remover –

yes, it’s true that olive oil is safe for use on the skin and hair. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate natural products into your daily routine, using olive oil as a makeup remover is a great place to start.

Treat Cradle Cap –

Olive oil is a wonderful scalp treatment for people of any age, and since it’s all natural it is also safe to use on even the smallest of children. If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, simply rub a little olive oil onto the scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently rub off the flakes.

Gum Remover –

did you recently step in gum, ruining your favorite pair of shoes? Do you have a child who has managed to get a piece of gum stuck in their hair? Don’t fear – you can use your handy olive oil from the cabinet. Simply soak a cloth in olive oil, wrap it around the hair or place it on the shoe and let it sit. The oil will begin to break down the gum and it should slide right off during removal.

Nourish Skin –

Olive oil is a great treatment for overly dry skin. While you can use plain olive oil for this purpose, we’d recommend shopping our selection of Olive Oil Skincare Products. Made with 100% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From hand creams to shampoo and conditioner we’ve got you covered. (https://dolivotastingbar.com/shop/)

Cuticle Treatment –

Are you suffering from cracked cuticles and looking for a quick treatment. Look no further than your cupboard. Rub some olive oil onto your cuticles and let it absorb. You can also add olive oil to warm water and allow your hands and feet to soak in the water.

Eliminate Hair Frizz –

winter can be a tough time for hair. It’s not uncommon during this time of year for hair to become dry and frizzy. If you are dealing with this we’d suggest using just a few drops of olive oil. Either use your finger and simply apply to the ends of your hair, or rub some onto a comb and run that through your hair to help reduce frizz.

Upgrade Bath Time –

as we mentioned above, olive oil is a great treatment for the skin. If you want to make bath time extra fancy, try adding olive oil to the mix. Your skin will thank you afterwards.

Cooking and Baking –

While all of the above are great ways to utilize olive oil in your daily life, our preferred use is still in the kitchen. Get inspired to cook with our selection of Ultra Premium olive oils and vinegars by looking through our online recipes we’ve got everything from soups and salads to sweet treats and entrees.