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Why Is Olive Oil So Popular?

Here at D’Olivo, our days in the shop revolve around olive oils. Whether it be educating customers on the health benefits, pairing them with our balsamic vinegars for excited tasters, or thinking up fun and creative ways to add them into our favorite dishes, we’re always thinking about this delightful product.

We recognize though that not everyone spends their days this way and in fact, understand that those who are new to the world of olive oil might be wondering what is the big deal.

If you find yourself in this boat let us tell you about our best friend (okay not really), but let us tell you why this oil has grown in popularity over the years.

It’s Healthy!

As we touched on briefly above, olive oil is one of the healthiest fats available on the market today. As the Mediterranean diet has grown in popularity as it has become clear that eating in this way is good for you, so too has the popularity of one of the Mediterranean staples – olive oil.

First, it has a high concentration of antioxidants which are known to help lower cholesterol which benefits overall heart health. Second, olive oil has been shown to aid in weight loss efforts, with participants in a 3-year study showing decreased weight gain. Finally, olive oil is high in oleic acid, a healthy monosaturated fat which has been shown to help reduce inflammation.

It’s Great for Your Skin and Hair

Olive oil, while used a lot in food, has other uses as well. This diverse oil can be used topically on the skin and hair and is a growing ingredient in cosmetic products available on the market. As an all-natural ingredient, it’s popularity in the beauty industry continues to rise as consumers look for ways to reduce exposure to chemicals See our full list of fun and creative ways to use olive oil here.

There Are Multiple Ways to Use It When Cooking

Of course, the primary use for olive oil is in cooking, and there is no shortage of ways to explore this oil. Due to its high smoke point, high quality olive oil is a great option no matter what type of dish you’re preparing. You can use it for frying, grilling, dressing or finishing any dish.

Try marinating vegetables and meats in olive oil and seasonings before cooking. If that’s not your favorite method, then try brushing the oils on during preparation. If all else fails simply finish your salads or main courses with oils before serving.

If you’re looking for great ideas on how to use olive oil, visit our recipe section.

They’re Delicious!

We might be a little biased here but olive oil, simply put is delicious. Especially our ultra-premium selection from Veronica Foods. We are proud to offer a wide selection of olive oils including over 25 flavored (both fused and infused) oils. Each oil pairs wonderfully with our selection of balsamic vinegars.

For a full experience, stop in to visit us at 10 E Main Street and you’ll truly get an opportunity to taste the difference.

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