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Olive Oil Recipes for Springtime

No matter what time of year it is, if you’re cooking for a family, it can be easy to fall into a rut with recipes. Even if you love to experiment, falling back on the same old meals every week is easy. Especially if your life is otherwise very busy – and let’s face it most people these days are busy.

The seasons are changing once again, and we’re excited to welcome the first hints of spring. With the changing weather it can also be a great time to shake up your kitchen and start trying out new recipes.

Below are some great spring inspired dishes to get those wheels in your brain churning. Give any of these a try or visit our complete recipe page for more options – https://dolivotastingbar.com/recipe/

Lemon & Rosemary Grilled Halibut

Fish can be a great meal any time of the year, but springtime makes us think of lighter dishes, and this tasty halibut hits just the right notes for us. It utilizes our champagne balsamic vinegar which is complimented by the olive oil, rosemary and lemon.

This dish is also going to make you look like a real chef in the kitchen so break it out for a date night or any time you want to really set the bar high for guests. They won’t be disappointed.

Homemade Pizza

Pizza is a staple in our house and making it from scratch is the best way to upgrade the meal and make sure you’re putting only the best ingredients into your body. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. Start with a premade dough (or make your own) or if you’re going super healthy try out a cauliflower pizza crust.

Add pizza sauce of your choosing, add your favorite toppings and voila dinner is ready in no time. It’s also a great activity to let kids help with and get them excited about dinner. One of our favorite toppings for any pizza is our stuffed gordal olives. We’ve got a variety to choose from and they’ll all taste fantastic on a pizza, but try the garlic stuffed olives to start.


There’s something about springtime that makes us excited to dive into our favorite salads. There are always unique and exciting ways to make a salad shine and adding a homemade dressing is one of the easiest.

Heavier dressings can be enjoyable at times, but spring makes us think light so we’d suggest drizzling your salads with any combination of our olive oils and/or balsamic vinegars. Fan favorite choices include raspberry, strawberry, and black currant vinegars.

If you’re looking for a specific recipe to try out then try this green goddess dressing from our friends at Veronica Foods. It stays good in the fridge for up to a week if stored properly.

Spring Trifle

The name says it all, and our list of recipes wouldn’t be complete without a tasty treat to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Featuring lemon pound cake, lemon curd, chantilly cream, and berries this happy dessert covers all the bases. It’s easy to make and delicious too so be sure to add this to your springtime baking list.

Why Is Olive Oil So Popular?

Here at D’Olivo, our days in the shop revolve around olive oils. Whether it be educating customers on the health benefits, pairing them with our balsamic vinegars for excited tasters, or thinking up fun and creative ways to add them into our favorite dishes, we’re always thinking about this delightful product.

We recognize though that not everyone spends their days this way and in fact, understand that those who are new to the world of olive oil might be wondering what is the big deal.

If you find yourself in this boat let us tell you about our best friend (okay not really), but let us tell you why this oil has grown in popularity over the years.

It’s Healthy!

As we touched on briefly above, olive oil is one of the healthiest fats available on the market today. As the Mediterranean diet has grown in popularity as it has become clear that eating in this way is good for you, so too has the popularity of one of the Mediterranean staples – olive oil.

First, it has a high concentration of antioxidants which are known to help lower cholesterol which benefits overall heart health. Second, olive oil has been shown to aid in weight loss efforts, with participants in a 3-year study showing decreased weight gain. Finally, olive oil is high in oleic acid, a healthy monosaturated fat which has been shown to help reduce inflammation.

It’s Great for Your Skin and Hair

Olive oil, while used a lot in food, has other uses as well. This diverse oil can be used topically on the skin and hair and is a growing ingredient in cosmetic products available on the market. As an all-natural ingredient, it’s popularity in the beauty industry continues to rise as consumers look for ways to reduce exposure to chemicals See our full list of fun and creative ways to use olive oil here.

There Are Multiple Ways to Use It When Cooking

Of course, the primary use for olive oil is in cooking, and there is no shortage of ways to explore this oil. Due to its high smoke point, high quality olive oil is a great option no matter what type of dish you’re preparing. You can use it for frying, grilling, dressing or finishing any dish.

Try marinating vegetables and meats in olive oil and seasonings before cooking. If that’s not your favorite method, then try brushing the oils on during preparation. If all else fails simply finish your salads or main courses with oils before serving.

If you’re looking for great ideas on how to use olive oil, visit our recipe section.

They’re Delicious!

We might be a little biased here but olive oil, simply put is delicious. Especially our ultra-premium selection from Veronica Foods. We are proud to offer a wide selection of olive oils including over 25 flavored (both fused and infused) oils. Each oil pairs wonderfully with our selection of balsamic vinegars.

For a full experience, stop in to visit us at 10 E Main Street and you’ll truly get an opportunity to taste the difference.

We’re open Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Fun and Creative Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil is well known for its many and varied health benefits, however olive oil is extremely versatile and has many other uses around your house. Here’s a quick list of some additional ways to utilize your olive oil.

Makeup Remover –

yes, it’s true that olive oil is safe for use on the skin and hair. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate natural products into your daily routine, using olive oil as a makeup remover is a great place to start.

Treat Cradle Cap –

Olive oil is a wonderful scalp treatment for people of any age, and since it’s all natural it is also safe to use on even the smallest of children. If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, simply rub a little olive oil onto the scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently rub off the flakes.

Gum Remover –

did you recently step in gum, ruining your favorite pair of shoes? Do you have a child who has managed to get a piece of gum stuck in their hair? Don’t fear – you can use your handy olive oil from the cabinet. Simply soak a cloth in olive oil, wrap it around the hair or place it on the shoe and let it sit. The oil will begin to break down the gum and it should slide right off during removal.

Nourish Skin –

Olive oil is a great treatment for overly dry skin. While you can use plain olive oil for this purpose, we’d recommend shopping our selection of Olive Oil Skincare Products. Made with 100% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From hand creams to shampoo and conditioner we’ve got you covered. (https://dolivotastingbar.com/shop/)

Cuticle Treatment –

Are you suffering from cracked cuticles and looking for a quick treatment. Look no further than your cupboard. Rub some olive oil onto your cuticles and let it absorb. You can also add olive oil to warm water and allow your hands and feet to soak in the water.

Eliminate Hair Frizz –

winter can be a tough time for hair. It’s not uncommon during this time of year for hair to become dry and frizzy. If you are dealing with this we’d suggest using just a few drops of olive oil. Either use your finger and simply apply to the ends of your hair, or rub some onto a comb and run that through your hair to help reduce frizz.

Upgrade Bath Time –

as we mentioned above, olive oil is a great treatment for the skin. If you want to make bath time extra fancy, try adding olive oil to the mix. Your skin will thank you afterwards.

Cooking and Baking –

While all of the above are great ways to utilize olive oil in your daily life, our preferred use is still in the kitchen. Get inspired to cook with our selection of Ultra Premium olive oils and vinegars by looking through our online recipes we’ve got everything from soups and salads to sweet treats and entrees.

10 Great Olive Oil Recipes for the 4th of July

While the 4th of July is all about celebrating our independence, it’s also about enjoying delicious food with friends and family. So, to help you prepare for this year, we’ve compiled some of our favorite olive oil recipes that will fit perfectly into any 4th of July party.

1. Drizzle it Over Seafood

Even though burgers and hotdogs are typical 4th of July foods, why not switch things up with some fresh seafood? Whether served hot or cold, fresh seafood is one of olive oil’s favorite partners. Once you’ve prepared your seafood dish to your liking, simply drizzle some olive oil on top and enjoy!

While it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a traditional bottle, using flavored olive oils is a great way to take your 4th of July seafood dish to the next level. We suggest trying out lime or rosemary, but the combinations are endless!

2. Use it as a Marinade

That’s right, did you know olive oil can even be used as a marinade? Adding a few teaspoons to your favorite marinade can really help introduce new, exciting flavors as well as bring out more of the meat’s natural flavor. For the best results, before submerging your selected meat into the marinade, rub it down with a generous layer of olive oil.

Of course, you don’t have to just stick to chicken, beef, and steak. Using flavored olive oils to marinate some shrimp before throwing them on the BBQ is a dangerously delicious way to instantly bring out a gourmet taste.

3. Make a Summer Coleslaw

When the sun is beating down and you’re looking for a cool, refreshing dish to indulge in on the 4th of July, look no further than a summer coleslaw. Moving away from the traditional combination of cabbage and mayonnaise, summer coleslaw is best when made with a blend of your favorite shredded vegetables.

Once combined in a bowl, drizzle a few tablespoons of regular or flavored olive oil (hint, go for citrus!) along with a dash of balsamic glaze, lime juice, salt, pepper, and a touch of agave for sweetness and give it a taste!

4. 4th of July Dipping Sauces

Making some guacamole or a creamy tzatziki sauce for dipping as guests mingle at your wildly successful 4th of July party? Well, olive oil can help amp up the flavor profiles here as well! The best part is, you can experiment with any number of flavored olive oils to see which combinations make for the best dipping sauce.

Citrus flavored oils will work really well in dips like guacamole, while herb infused olive oils will lend their flavors particularly well to dips like hummus or tzatziki sauce.

5. Use it as a Grilling Oil

Nothing can ruin your 4th of July faster than when your burgers get stuck to the grill and fall apart on the flip. To avoid this, instead of using butter or PAM spray, give your grilled meats the gift of flavor by greasing the grill with olive oil. As your meats are grilling, the olive oil will begin imparting its flavor and make for a tasty surprise.

Don’t just stick to meat though, you can use olive oil on just about anything you’re grilling! Corn on the cob, seafood, mushrooms, you name it.

6. Summer Kale Chips

If you’re looking to take your 4th of July snack foods on the healthier route, summer kale chips will be right up your alley. Start by washing the kale and removing the ribs as best you can. Then, preheat your oven to 275, gently place the kale on a baking sheet, add a sprinkle of salt, and generously drizzle olive oil over them.

When they’re done, you’ll have yourself some deliciously crunchy, low calorie chips that are sure to make a splash at your 4th of July party.

7. Make a Cucumber Salad

When you think of summertime, few things are as refreshing as a cool, crisp cucumber salad while you float around the pool. The best part about this recipe? It’s insanely simple to make. Simply cut some cucumber into medallions or in halves and toss them together with cherry tomatoes and onions, add salt and pepper, and top it all off with a few tablespoons of olive oil.

Experiment with some flavored olive oils and different ingredients to come up with your own 4th of July cucumber salad. We’re confident your guests will go crazy for it!

8. Squash is for Summer

Keeping with the vegetable theme here, squash is next up on the list for your 4th of July recipe book. Olive oil braised squash is not only incredibly easy to make, but it packs some serious flavor. To start, cut up your squash into bite-sized pieces and heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat.

Next, add in salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic, and just about anything else you want for flavor. Then, add the squash and let it braise on each side for a few minutes!

9. Italian Style 4th of July

As great as hamburgers and hotdogs are, why not switch things up and surprise your guests with none other than Italy’s finest – garlic bread! This tasty, deliciously crunchy crowd favorite is sure to make a splash at your 4th of July party. For this recipe, all you need to do is get your favorite roll of fresh baked bread, slice it, spread some butter, garlic, and salt.

Once they’ve been baked to crispy perfection, set out a small bowl of your favorite olive oil for dipping and let the feast begin!

10. Corn & Avocado Salad

Because temperatures tend to skyrocket as we get into July, you’ll want to have plenty of cool, refreshing dishes at your party. As such, this tasty recipe hits the mark by combining the zesty flavor of onion with the smooth, semi-sweet flavors of corn and avocado.

From here, throw in some tomatoes, salt and pepper, vinegar, and, yep, you guessed it – olive oil! Mix it all together and you have the perfect corn & avocado salad for 4th of July!