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Olive Oil in Skincare

As the landscape of the beauty industry begins to shift and change, natural skincare has become a popular and ever-growing industry. There’s a growing sense that, because the skin is the body’s largest organ, that reducing or eliminating entirely the exposure to unnatural chemicals should be an essential part of leading a healthy life.

With this change in consumer attitude there has been a response from the beauty industry and natural beauty products that are free of parabens and chemicals are becoming easier to find on shelves. As part of this shift, we want to make note that olive oil based products can be a wonderful addition to a natural skincare routine.

What Does Olive Oil Do for Your Skin?

Olives and olive oil have long been staples of the Mediterranean diet. In recent years it has become popular internationally for its documented health benefits. While a majority of the studies done today focus on the consumption of olive oil there are features of the oil that may also benefit a person externally. Here are a few things that olive oil can do for your skin.

First, olive oil is filled with antioxidants that, when applied to skin, can help prevent damage and prevent signs of aging. Second, olive oil has a high content of both vitamins A and E which are thought to be beneficial for the skin and also may help prevent aging.

How to Use Olive Oil for Skin

1. Use it on the entire body – Olive oil can nourish your skin naturally making it an excellent choice for an all over body wash. The vitamins present in the olive oil should help hydrate your skin. It’s also thought that the natural oil might soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. This body wash or any others from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company are excellent choices to start incorporating olive oil into your routine.

2. Cleanse Your Face – Using olive oil as a pre-cleanse for your face can serve a few purposes. First, it naturally hydrates the skin and can leave your face feeling nourished. Second, it can be an excellent makeup remover. If you’re not up for pure olive oil then check out an olive oil cleanser that incorporates lots of other great ingredients to help keep your face feeling healthy and clean.

3. Hair Treatment – All of the benefits that we’ve mentioned above are also great to treat your scalp. Use an olive oil based product to help nourish your skin and hair.

Of course, there are all kinds of additional ways that you can start to work olive oil products into your routing. From hand soaps and lotions to facial serums and cleansers, we source all our skin care products from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company which uses all-natural ingredients to create their lineup of products.

As a final part of the discussion on skincare, it’s important to know that a majority of the nutrition for your skin comes from what you eat on a regular basis. It’s important that if you’re suffering from chronic or severe skin issues that you consult with a doctor or dermatologist to identify any underlying issues that might be causing problems for you individually.

The Benefits of Olive Oil in Skin Care

Do your hair, skin, and nails look their best? While it’s often easy to get lost talking about the countless health benefits olive oil carries for the body internally, it can be just as helpful when used externally. Whether you have hair that’s lost its lustrous shine, nails and cuticles that could use some work, or skin that’s starting to feel dry and lack radiance, olive oil and its unique, nutrient dense properties can work wonders for skin health.

In this article, we’re going to explore the various ways that olive oil can help the skin, as well as how you can use it on a daily basis to ensure you’re looking your best.

How Olive Oil Helps The Skin

Even though it’s most commonly found in the kitchen and used for cooking, the holistic properties of olive oil extend far beyond culinary purposes. In fact, olive oil has been used for skin care since the ancient times to help the hair and skin appear more healthy. Below, we’ve covered the top scientifically backed benefits of using olive oil externally.

Antioxidant Protection

Just as your body has an immune system that protects you from viruses and illnesses that you’re exposed to, the skin also needs a protective layer to not only ensure it’s looking its best, but to guard you against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Of all the antioxidants that olive oil is packed with, the big three are vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols.

Due to the high concentration of these nutrients, studies have found that when olive oil is applied topically to the skin (particularly vitamin E), it can help to revitalize smoothness and protect you from the harmful effects of UV light. It’s because of these powerful skin care benefits that olive oil is often hailed as one of the best products to prevent premature aging.

Outside of direct beauty effects, olive oil also helps protect you from developing skin cancer. While it’s certainly no replacement for sunscreen if you’re going to be enjoying a day at the beach, hydroxytyrosol, a rare phytochemical with powerful antioxidant properties, has been shown to protect the skin from free radical damage.

It Moisturizes the Skin

If you’ve been the victim of dry skin, then you already know how frustrating it can be to treat. The most common culprits of dryness are hot and cold climates that can actually suck moisture away, reducing the skins luminous appearance. Worse yet, while many popular commercial moisturizers may help your skin feel better in the short term, a lot of them actually clog pores and make skin problems worse over time.

Olive oil serves as a nutrient rich cocktail for the skin, penetrating deeply while nourishing and cleansing the different layers as it sinks in. This not only provides your skin with the various nutrients it needs to look its best, but it also allows it to breathe. Together, these two benefits help heal the skin over time rather than offer a short-term solution.

Lastly, because olive oil is rich in linoleic acid, a fatty acid that cannot be produced by the body, as well as sebum, a protective substance that’s formed from a mixture of natural oils, it can help prevent water evaporation from the surface of your skin. Together, these two substances create a protective layer over the skin so you can enjoy more of the outdoors without worrying about dry, cracked skin as a consequence.

It Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Having been used for thousands of years to help increase shine, volume, and softness, olive oil can work wonders for your hair. One of the top reasons olive oil works so well with hair is because it’s packed with emollients like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. These natural nutrients act as softening agents and are even replicated in many commercial conditioners.

In addition to making your hair feel softer, the moisturizing effect of olive oil is also thought to strengthen the hair by replenishing the scalp with the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair. In fact, vitamin E has been shown to help prevent hair loss by reducing the natural oxidative stress that the scalp experiences from day to day.

How to Use Olive Oil For Skin Health

Now that we’ve covered the benefits you can reap from olive oil when used externally, let’s talk about the different ways you can use it to enjoy the radiant skin you deserve.

1. Use it as a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Due to its moisturizing properties and rich abundance of vitamin E, olive oil can help to prevent split ends, nourish the scalp, and make your hair easier to manage. To utilize it as a pre-shampoo treatment, simply work a small amount into your hair 20 minutes prior to washing. When done, enjoy softer hair with more radiant shine.

2. Use it to Remove Makeup

Believe it or not, common makeup removers can actually be harmful to the skin, drying it out and destroying precious nutrients that are present on the surface. Olive oil is a great alternative because oil naturally grabs onto other oil-based products and can gently remove makeup from the face without causing damage.

3. Good for Cuticle Health & Nail Growth

Olive oil helps prevent the cuticles from drying out and cracking (leading to them growing back thicker and more pronounced). This makes them easier to manage and prevents the growth of bacteria by providing the nails with everything they need to grow beautiful and strong. Simply apply a drop to each nail and massage it in before bed for the best results.

4. Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

If you’re experiencing irritated or inflamed skin, olive oil has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is perfect if you have dry or itchy skin as well, helping to nourish the irritated area with much needed nutrients the natural way without harsh OTC medications. Gently apply a small amount of olive oil over the affected area and let it work it’s magic!

For additional information about olive oil in skincare check visit our skincare page