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The Best Tasting Olive Oil

The best tasting olive oil? You’re probably thinking that we must be crazy, all olive oil tastes the same. Let us stop you right there because in fact not all olive oil is created equal. Due to the growing popularity of extra virgin olive oil it has become one of the most heavily counterfeited and adulterated foods which we explore in depth in our blog “How to Tell If Your Olive Oil is Fake.” We hope here to open your eyes to the experience of olive oil tasting, while arming you with the right tools to select the best tasting oil for use in your every day cooking.

Tasting Olive Oil

We believe that tasting holds the key to truly understanding the complex and varying flavors of olive oils. When you visit our store we truly want you to have an experience which is why whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth we encourage all of our customers to sample, mix and match all of our balsamic oils and vinegars. A good olive oil can make all the difference in your meals which is why we recommend purchasing high quality olive oils like those we source from Veronica Foods.

One of the key components when you go to make your selection is a classic taste test. First, pour about a tablespoon of the oil into a cup and place one hand around the bottom to warm the oil. Place your other hand over the top and gently swirl the oil around to release the flavors and aromas. Second, smell the oil and make note of the aromas. Third, drink the oil and be sure to spread it around in your mouth. Finally, swallow the oil and make note of the wide variety of flavors you can taste. The most flavorful olive oils will likely have a fruity or peppery taste.

If your oil ever tastes sour it’s likely gone bad due to exposure to light or heat. This is why the highest quality oils are sold in dark bottles and we encourage storage in a cool location away from sunlight.

Why Extra Virgin

While there are many different types of olive oil (virgin, pure, light, extra light) that we explore here, it’s really Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that is likely to give you the most flavor for your dish. Extra virgin olive oil is categorized because it is made from the first cold press of the olives. The olives are ground into a paste and then spun to extract the oils. The use of the cold press allows the olive to retain not just it’s flavor but also all of the wonderful health benefits associated with olive oil.

Because of the corruption that has plagued the extra virgin olive oil industry over time, a new designation of Ultra Premium (UP) arose to designate the highest quality olive oils in the world. All of the oils available in our store and online proudly carry the UP designation which indicates that they exceed all existing standards and grades worldwide for olive oil.

Exploring the Oils

D’Olivo Mild Ultra Premium Olive Oil – this olive oil is the most mild of our oils. These oils are fruity with very little bitterness to the taster and are what we’d consider more of an all purpose oil. Perfect dishes for using this oil would include salads or white fish like Walleye or Halibut.

D’Olivo Medium Ultra Premium Olive Oil – this medium blend of seasonal oil is a little bit more complex than the mild version. The taste can be slightly greener but that only serves to enhance whatever dish you pair it with though, we recommend grilled vegetables.

D’Olivo Robust Ultra Premium Olive Oil – The most peppery of our offerings, this oil also packs the most flavor punch. It’s perfect for red meat dishes like steak or pork.

D’Olivo Flavored Ultra Premium Olive Oils – This selection of our flavored oils ranges from mild to robust, but they also each pack a unique added flavor punch. The flavored oils pair amazingly well with our balsamic vinegars and are sure to elevate any dish you’re preparing in the kitchen. We highly recommend taking a look at our pairing chart and then coming in to taste and sample all of the great combinations that you can create.