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Welcome to Club D’Olivo

Whether it’s your first time stepping through our welcoming doors or you’ve become an avid fan of the delicious products we carry, Club D’Olivo is one of the many ways we strive to give you the best experience possible. From special discounts, quarterly shipments of your favorite oils and vinegars, and unique recipes that are sure to spread smiles at any occasion, Club D’Olivo provides you with countless ways to enjoy our products year round.

So, if you’re ready to taste and learn more about the wonderful world of olive oil and true balsamic vinegars, continue reading to uncover the many benefits of becoming a club member.

What is Club D’Olivo?

Started as a way to help our customers experience olive oil and balsamic vinegar the way they’re meant to be enjoyed, Club D’Olivo has since grown into one of the core pillars that makes our brand tick. Whether you live right down the road from our quaint Walla Walla location, or you happened to pop in by chance on your visit to the beautiful valley, Club D’Olivo provides a convenient way for you to continue the tasting experience long after it’s passed.

As many of our customers have told us, once your eyes have been opened to the flavorful world of authentic extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) and true balsamic vinegars, it’s hard to go back to the popular nationwide supermarket brands. Not only do they pale in comparison when it comes to taste, but you’ll also learn that our genuine products come packed with numerous health benefits so you can live a more holistic lifestyle.

Proudly carrying more than 30 unique olive oils and 35 aged balsamic vinegars at all times, the combinations and culinary possibilities are practically endless. Even though you’ll get the chance to taste as many as you like on one of our guided tasting tours, Club D’Olivo gives you the ability to enjoy our delectable selection from the comfort of your own home all year long.

Because we regularly rotate our selection of oils and vinegars throughout the year, the club is also a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on rare flavors and combinations that you may otherwise never get the chance to try. In addition to getting access to your favorite olive oils and balsamic vinegars, you’ll also enjoy multiple benefits which we go into detail about below.

Club D’Olivo Benefits

Are you ready to spice up some of your favorite dishes, wow guests with sensational flavor combinations, and live a more holistic lifestyle? Below, we go over all of the benefits club members get to enjoy.

1. Quarterly Shipments of Your Favorite Oils & Vinegars

As we touched on briefly above, the primary benefit you’ll get to enjoy as a Club D’Olivo member is the four quarterly shipments of olive oil or balsamic vinegar that you have the option of choosing yourself or letting one of our experienced team members offer advice on excellent combinations (which is always an exciting option for the more adventurous).

The best part? You’re free to choose the package size that best suits your budget and culinary preferences. Ranging from two 375mL bottles all the way up to four 375mL bottles, you can ensure you have as little, or as much, of your favorite oils and vinegars coming right to your door throughout the year.

2. Member-Only Discounts

Another benefit of becoming a Club D’Olivo member is getting to enjoy the member-only discounts whether shopping in-store or online. We understand that you might find yourself running a little low between shipments if you use your oils and vinegars regularly (it’s hard not to), which is why we include a generous 10% discount on all purchases made outside of the quarterly orders.

This is also great for when you want to pick up some additional flavors that pair particularly well with the ones you already have at home. In addition to the discount on purchases, when you become an annual member, you also get to enjoy 15% off your quarterly shipments. So whether you’re just the quarterly shopper or you like to pick up new products throughout the year, as a Club D’Olivo member, you’ll always be saving.

3. Club Gift

Even though half the fun when it comes to authentic EVOOs and true balsamic vinegars is experimenting with different culinary combinations, as a Club D’Olivo member, you’ll be offered a FREE gift every shipment, giving you the chance to sample one of our favorite oils, hand-picked by Roni.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

What better present can you give to someone who loves gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars than the gift that lets them indulge all year long? Many of our Club D’Olivo members end up loving it so much that they gift a year of membership to their friends and family.

Whether you want to surprise them by selecting the first shipment and having it arrive unexpectedly at their door, or you plan on letting them pick and choose their favorites, a Club D’Olivo membership is the perfect gift for anyone who loves combining delicious food with a holistic lifestyle.

Join Today

Are you ready to explore the vibrant, flavorful world of ultra premium olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars? Experience these age-old culinary wonders the way they’re meant to be enjoyed and discover the endless possibilities each unique bottle brings to your kitchen.

Join the D’Olivo family and help spread our love of authentic olive oils and true balsamic vinegars by showing others what they’ve been missing out on. Simply visit our club page, fill out the contact form, and select the membership level you’re comfortable with to embark on a culinary adventure that will forever change the way you view these amazing ingredients

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