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The Difference Between Fused and Infused Olive Oil

If you’ve visited our store in person or online you’ve likely noticed that we carry a wide selection of flavored olive oils. While all of these flavors are delicious and pack a big punch for any recipe, or when paired with our extensive selection of balsamic vinegars, there’s likely a smaller difference you might not have noticed.

Each of these flavors are added to the olive oil in a specific process of either infusion or fusion. In case you haven’t had the chance to have our staff walk you through a tasting and explain the difference, this blog will give you the quick run-down on the difference.

Fused Olive Oil

Fused olive oils, more commonly called agrumato oils are those where the flavor is extracted directly from the fruit at the same time as the olive oil is pressed. This method keeps the essential oils and flavors of the fruit or plant suspended in the oil, while the pulp, stems, seeds, water and rinds are discarded with the olive pomace or olive pulp.

Infused Olive Oil

In contrast to this, is the process of infusing olive oil. In this process the flavor is added to the olive oil after it’s already been made. All of our infused olive oils start with ultra premium extra virgin olive oils and are blended in small batches with 100% natural, organic essential oils of the plant or fruit.

Why Aren’t Flavored Olive Oils Labeled Extra Virgin

Because of the strict standards outlined for an oil to be classified as extra virgin, any time a flavor has been added to the oil the USDA says that it can no longer be classified as extra virgin and instead must simply be labeled as olive oil. However, at D’Olivo all of our flavored olive oils begin with a certified ultra premium extra virgin olive oil base which ensures that the same health benefits exist even in our fused and infused flavored lineup.

In addition, only those plant essences that we want to have added to the oil are added, meaning that no artificial colors or sweeteners are ever added. This ensures we maintain one of the healthiest and purest oils on the market.

How Can I Try These Olive Oils

We are always happy to welcome customers new and old into the store and offer every guest the chance to walk through a tasting with one of our staff members. Our staff are well versed in our offerings and can help steer you in the direction of both our fused/agrumato and infused oils and vinegars. They can also help you craft pairings that will wow your taste buds.

If you’re not local to the area we have our pairing chart available online here and invite you to shop our online store here. Each oil is labeled either agrumato/fused or infused to designate the different methods used in the creation process. We’re also happy to answer any questions that customers might have and invite you to call us at 509-529-7537.