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Gearing Up for The Holidays with D’Olivo

Every year we get excited to write this blog – the one that highlights everything that makes the holiday season so magical. This year, we’re here to help make sure you’ve got everything that you need to full enjoy time with family and friends.

From baking holiday cookies to toasting the start of a new year, we’ve got our list of the top things to have on hand to make this season easy and relaxing. Check out our list of must have items below.

1. Olive Oil

This is a given at all times of the year, but most especially during the holidays. As one of the healthiest fats you can use to cook and bake this is a great time to start on those New Years’ resolutions – and make things delicious while you’re at it.

Olive oil can easily be substituted for butter and other oils in all of your baking recipes. In addition, you can pair any of our olive oils with our balsamic vinegars to make an out of this world dressing for any salad that’s going to grace your table during meal time.

Not sure exactly how to utilize these tasty oils – check out our full recipe page to get inspired.

2. Raclette Party Grills

These Matterhorn products are a perfect way to enjoy a meal with friends and family. If you’re feeling the pressure of the holidays then make a fun and simple meal for everyone to enjoy. While the joy of raclette cooking has been popular in Switzerland, the phenomenon is just starting to spread around the world. Food on the top of the grill is cooked with an element, which also heats the cheeses and other items in the dishes below. This will be a great addition to your kitchen – trust us!

3. Olive Wood Items

While popular for producing olives for both olive oil and stuffed gordal olives, olive wood is also a used to produce some of the most beautiful handcrafted items in the world. Olive wood, both rich in color and durable can be used in various formats. We’re proud to carry a high-quality line of bowls, spoons, and other kitchen items. They’re perfect for serving anything on your menu so grab one to decorate your holiday table.

4. Charcuterie Boards

One of the easiest ways to feed a large group is by offering a wide selection of finger foods. We personally love a well-plated meat and cheese tray. Make sure you’ve got a charcuterie board on hand for your next party. They always come in handy no matter what time of year you’re entertaining.

5. Cookware

We’re suckers for a beautifully decorated table, and Le Creuset has some of the most beautiful, versatile, and durable cookware on the market. From a huge roasting pan to a Dutch oven for sour dough bread you’ll find exactly what you need to make that perfect dish for your company party or family gathering. While adding this to your kitchen might seem like a treat, you’ll be thankful all year long that you treated yourself.

6. Bakeware

From breads, to cookies, to pies and tarts, this is the time of year when baking really shines. Whether you’re fixing up that 100 year old family recipe or trying something new you’ll want to make sure you’re well stocked with bakeware.

We recommend choosing a high-quality brand to make sure you get the best results. Try something like USA Pans. These beautiful items are made right in the United States and they are made with the same quality as professional chefs are used to. If you’ve got allergies to watch out for try they’re line of AllergyID pans to make sure people know what’s safe to eat.

7. Knives

To go along with all the cooking you’ll be doing we can’t stress enough the importance of having a quality set of knives on hand. The frustration of working with a dull knife can really put a damper on the preparation of any meal. Avoid that this year and consider getting yourself an upgrade for your collection.

Wusthof knives are quality products and the Performer Series sets the standard in the knife world. The diamond like blade is going to glide effortlessly through hard and soft ingredients and is also extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Hexagon Power Grip: the innovative, ergonomic handle with its offset non-slip honeycomb structure ensures ultimate control and is ideal for all working conditions.

8. Gifts

Whether you’re preparing corporate gifts or attending a gathering the chances are you’ll need gifts this holiday season. There are so many useful and wonderful options out there, and we always encourage the gifting of things that can be used and won’t just sit accumulating dust. That’s why kitchenware or items for cooking are such versatile gifts.

We’ve got lots of great options from stuffed manzanilla olives to specialty sugars and salts. In fact, we encourage you to consider building a gift basket to incorporate a number of delicious items. We’ve got cheeses, meats, crackers, olive oil and vinegar sample packs, and so much more. Our team loves helping people put together the perfect gift basket so be sure to stop in and ask us about those!

9. Bubbles

From toasting with family around the dinner table to ringing in the new year, bubbles are a must for this time of year. At D’Olivo we’ve got the widest selection in the area that includes champagne from France, cava from Spain, prosecco from Italy and so much more. We even have a selection of local wines to choose from. No matter what you’re celebrating raise a glass with something special from our collection.

No matter what you’ve got in store for this season we hope it brings you joy, peace, and quality time with those you love.