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Margherita Margarita

Recipe from Tammi L.

1.5 oz cherry tomato and basil infused tequila
.5 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz simple syrup

shake and strain over fresh ice in a sriracha salt rimmed rocks glass
2 tsp Neapolitan herb balsamic vinegar
Garnish with fresh basil, cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella

For the infused tequila:
use 1 bottle of 100% agave tequila (I like Sauza Silver for a decently priced bottle) per pound of cherry tomatoes (rinsed and halved) and 4 oz fresh basil (rinsed). combine all ingredients in a clean glass jar and let steep at room temperature for about 12 hours or overnight. Use a fine mesh strainer and a paper coffee filter to strain out the tequila into original bottle. keeps for 3 weeks or more in the fridge.