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Le Creuset

When it comes to stocking your kitchen with all of the essentials, none do it with as much style or functionality as Le Creuset. As one of the most recognized culinary brands in the world, Le Creuset has been making waves with their innovative cookware for more than 90 years.

Widely loved for the range of colors each product is offered in, Le Creuset adds vibrance and fun to any kitchen setting as well as the dinner table. Whether you’re already well acquainted and equipped with Le Creuset cookware and accessories at home, or this is your first time hearing about them, we wanted to dedicate this article to a brand that we hold very close to our hearts here at D’Olivo.

The History of Le Creuset

Believe it or not, before the 20th century, eating was primarily a private activity that was enjoyed either alone, or with family members at most. Viewed as nothing more than a necessity through the lens of society as a whole, even though everyone enjoyed a good meal, few ever spoke about it, let alone share their meals with others outside of their immediate family.

Thankfully, at the turn of the 20th century, the world as a whole had a dramatic shift in perspective as people and chefs alike began to break free of the private stigma that had been placed on dining for so long. Rather than eating because we had to, cooking started becoming an expression of joy as people and restaurants everywhere began changing the way they served meals.

Amidst this culinary renaissance, in 1925, Le Creuset was born and came to market with the very first enameled, flame color cast iron cocotte the world had ever seen. Capturing the eyes and hearts of people everywhere, Le Creuset helped to propel the culinary movement by inspiring enthusiasm and creativity.

Staying true to their founding principles of creating products of the highest quality through hand-crafted techniques, Le Creuset continued rolling out new colors and new lines of products in the decades that followed. By 1985, the brand had expanded its reach to countless countries, making the Le Creuset name a household and kitchen staple that could be found everywhere.

Today, Le Creuset has come out with multiple product lines that explore new designs and materials, ensuring they’re always ahead of the curve in culinary innovation.

Unwavering Quality

At the heart of the Le Creuset brand is their passion for empowering people everywhere to find joy through cooking. Since being founded more than 90 years ago, Le Creuset has continued to lead in the culinary world as a brand of extremely high, unwavering quality that is clearly evident in every product that they make.

Having become famous for their enameled cast iron range of products, which remains as their top selling line even today, Le Creuset continues to use the hand-crafted, original techniques for forging and casting. After each cast is complete, it’s then smoothed by hand and enameled, a process that includes 12 different steps and can take as long as 10 hours just for one item.

That being said, the same quality and attention to detail are poured into every other line of products and accessories they make as well. If that’s not enough to convince you that Le Creuset places quality above all else on their production line, you can take comfort in knowing that no less than fifteen people inspect every product before being marked as suitable for sale.

In fact, the company has reported that as much as 30% of their products get rejected due to imperfections, only to be melted back down and recycled into new products. Another factor that speaks to the quality of Le Creuset’s cookware is the level of versatility, particularly in the cast iron line. Many of their products can be used for countless tasks in the kitchen, helping you save precious cabinet space while cooking to perfection each and every time.

With more than 300 million products sold worldwide, when you’re looking for cookware that will last a lifetime, Le Creuset easily stands a notch above the rest.

Kitchen Products For Every Need

Having come a long way since the creation of their original French oven, Le Creuset has since expanded to encompass a variety of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen utensils. Under the cookware category, you can choose from any number of sections including skillets, fry pans, sets, braisers, kettles, stockpots, saucepans, griddles, roasting pans, specialty cookware, and even accessories.

Even better, each of the products they carry can be further narrowed down by sorting material, color, and even price. Browsing through bakeware and kitchen utensils, you’ll find just about everything else you could ever imagine or need to complete your home kitchen.

Looking for supplies and products for use outside of the kitchen? They’ve got you covered there as well with an accommodating range of tabletop items that carry the same quality Le Creuset is known for.

Le Creuset at D’Olivo

Here at D’Olivo we’re proud to be the only store in region to carry the Le Creuset brand. Giving our customers the perfect opportunity to see and feel the evident quality in all of their products first hand. We feel Le Creuset is one of the few cookware brands whose values and beliefs align with ours here at D’Olivo so the next time you’re in our area, be sure to swing by and check out our full kitchen department including our Le Creuset products.