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A Real Find Inside Wenatchee’s New Public Market!...Inside, In The Southwest Corner, You Will Find A Veritable Taste Sensation!… D’ Olivo!

By dolivollc73801202, May 18 2015 09:49PM

D’Olivo is a marvelous place to find Aged Vinegars, Imported Specialty Oils, Sea Salts, Gourmet Spices & Rubs and Imported Specialty Items. What first drew me to D’Olivo was their terrific selection of fused oils. One of my favorite treats in life is fine dining in a traditional Italian Restaurant with the great Artisan Bread and the oil for dipping. Usually, your choices are all about infused oils.

Fused oils are processed simultaneously with the added delights. For instance, with an infused oil, the extras are added to the oil, inside the bottle and left to steep over time. With an infused oil the extras are added to the process during the processing of the olives. Thus the flavors are carefully melded together, simultaneously. While there, I tried four different fused oils and appreciated each of them. I ended up purchasing one 375 ml bottle and look forward to enjoying it with a very great tasting bread, butter and the fused oil.

They have dozens of different, unique, fused oils that make it a challenge to decide. Roni, one of the owners, and her able staff will be happy to assist you in your helping to make your decision. The uses for their vinegars and fused oils are only limited by one’s ability to imagine; think big. These tasty extras can be used on meat, bread, poultry and with almost anything that you could possibly imagine. I, personally, love to use oils as a rub on certain meats, such as chicken, steaks, roasts, salads, breads, etc.

Check them out as they are open weekly at the market and are located inside the facility as mentioned at the top of this blog. Click this link to get to their website. Again, my blogs are not tied to any financial remuneration. My blog is not for sale. If someone wishes to purchase advertising space on the blog I am happy to discuss that with them at the appropriate time. This blog is another example of a retail outlet that sells products I am absolutely passionate about. Later I will post another blog about some of the Farmer’s Market sellers bringing their fresh fruits and produce to the market two days per week. Out of the area? Check with them about shipping your purchase. That service is available.


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